Friday, October 15, 2004

welcome to westworld

Some early observations from the train, bus, terminal, etc. First off, it seems as though Delta now has a computerized, digital voice that announces passenger boarding by zone. Repleat with all the charm of a voice-mail system, only you can’t hang up on it or press “#” 100 times to make it go away. The only good thing about this is that it temporarily drowns out the CNN monitors. A case of “the lesser of two evils” if ever there was one.

Does this gizmo really save anyone any money? Does it really make anything more efficient? No freaking way. Oh, I see. It’s supposed be self service boarding; like the self-checkout crap at Home Depot and various other places. Fine; you want me to do your job for you? Then discount my price accordingly. Otherwise, get someone on the job. And does this really strike anyone as somehow enhancing security at the gate? I highly doubt it.

If this is what Delta has come to, then I predict that it won’t be long before they do close up shop. The thing is so obnoxious that customers will seek alternatives just to get away from it. Ugghhh. Welcome to digital hell. The sooner this finishes them off, the better. Humans, people, we’re HUMANS!

Hmmmm….I wonder which is worse…the digitized, emasculated male voice, or the real voice of a woman ticket jockey with PMS.

Now, about the slice of Pizza at the Sbarro shop (an obscure chain that noone really knew how to pronounce, put on the map by one John Edwards during the vp debate). It never occured to me how much spinach tasted like seaweed - at least, what one might expect seaweed to taste like. I suppose it might have actually been seaweed. The chain probably started topping their pizzas with it because it's more efficient and really has more protein or something.


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