Friday, October 01, 2004

women and mazes -- word association?

I also talk to myself -- or rather, I think out loud. Is that a problem?

Regarding this post, I have been informed that a labyrinth is nothing more than a maze. I was in one myself in Manhattan -- in a park -- just the other day, and you know what? They are pretty cool. You'd think that having spent 10 years in the landscape design/build business, I'd know what freakin' labyrinth is. Scary.

And how did I ever associate a labyrinth with a mad scientist? Isn't it amazing how far you can get in life being completely wrong about the definition of a word?

Like "esoteric." Yeah, bet all of you know what that means without looking it up. The good thing about my blog is that when I put my foot in my mouth, I'm sure to let everyone see it.


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