Thursday, October 14, 2004

Shakespeare on lawyers

He might have been on to something.

The train rides are becoming routine now, so little inspires me anymore. All I really have to report today is from the subway.

On the platform a few of us milled around by the spot for the lead car. Suddenly a sharply dressed, starched, anal-retentive no-nonsense type in his late fifties cuts through our little crowd like a shark through warm water, as we nobody else mattered. Even if the lights went out you would be able to see “asshole” written all over him.

He stations himself like an idling race car right in the spot where you’re not supposed to stand – where the disembarking passengers are allowed off first.

So there he stood, all smug and dictatorial, willing the doors to open. As they obeyed, he strode through the exiting passengers. He found himself a seat and put his briefcase on his lap. Can you guess what he took out of it?

Right: a legal brief.

Who am I to challenge the wit and wisdom of Shakespeare?


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