Tuesday, October 05, 2004

it's cold.

And what about this train guy? I ride this train 9 times a week. Today, when he comes to collect the fares, I proudly show him the monthly pass I purchased, having just mined it from my right pocket and pried open the Velcro wallet where it is kept. What does he do? He looks at it and squints. “Is that October,” he asks?

Now think about it. If it wasn’t a current pass, that would mean that I’m trying to defraud him with the wrong one. He’s calling into question my character here. I’m like, dude, you lie to your freaking dog more than I’ve lied to everyone I’ve ever met put together over my entire life, and you’re implying that I’m scamming you for a $3.25 train fare? Puh-f’ing-leeeze, OK?

And, gee, when it's 45 degrees outside, there's nothing like having the air-conditioner on in the train.

The sophisticated intellectual school-teacher artsy-fartsy type who just sat down next to me, and then turned (toward me) to work out the scheduling of a girls-night-out with the woman behind me (I'm booked...Roger works...I know it's hard with the cat) has finally stopped talking into my right ear. She's furiously flipping through magazines with her mesh riding gloves on. Mmmm, yes, they must keep you very warm on these cold mornings...(rolls eyes). But didn't you leave the Volvo at the Park 'n' Ride, m'am? And have you thought about moderating your caffeine intake?

It is gorgeous out there this morning.


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