Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i think we're all bozo's on this train

This is going to be a fun ride. I missed my usual train and had to wait the full 23 minutes in the freezing cold for the next one (no coffee, no bakery goods). This later train seems to have a personality all its own; and it’s entirely too chatty for me this early in the morning. Seems to be lots of nervous energy. This must be the dufus train. Ha! And I’m on it! Perhaps the cold weather has brought out the ground hog in people or whatever…

And this car! Is this supposed to be the new and improved rolling stock that was ballyhooed by that reporter last week? That would be pitiful. I mean, it’s different, but it’s not really new and I’m jammed into this double seat by myself. I can’t imagine how tight it’s going to be when someone sits next to me. Hopefully it won’t be an event worth writing about. But I doubt that…

See? Another suit has decided to sit on my elbow. This one smells like a distillery (with a bakery in it) at 7 in the morning. At least he said "excuse me" as he descended into the seat. Even if his tone of voice suggested something more like, "Oh, well. Tough shit for you!"


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