Thursday, October 07, 2004

here's proof

that too much learning can make you an idiot.

Sorry, I didn't realize that yahoo links "expire." Orwell was really on to something, wasn't he? I mean, is it public record or isn't it?

Anyway, the story was about Ray Kurzweil, the brilliant MIT educated inventor (who happens to be only a so-so entreprenuer). Legend has it that he not only gave Stevie Wonder a machine that would read his mail to him, he also made him a pertty snazzy keyboard.

But Kurzweil's moved on to lend his genius to another frontier: his quest for, ready? Eternal life. No, he is serious. As if a)it's possible or b)anyone with any sense would want it, apart from some miracle that changes the nature of all those other people who might live forever. But, oh, that's something I never thought of... An expert panel (chaired, of course, by Kurzweil) could regulate who gets to live forever, screening with the latest techniques to determine who's worthy -- wait, wait, wait -- It's not going to happen.

The real issue is item "b)," the part about people with sense not wanting eternal life apart from an act of God.

See, to buy into Kurzweil's vision (and that of the likeminded), you must have disabused yourself of such pedestrian concepts as "sense." After all, we're talking high science here. Who are you to talk back to a scientist?

"You're great learning has made you mad!"


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