Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can't be long, now.

Today the paper had big, big headlines that read:

Son Beheads Mother In Street

If you read the story you learned that, after beheading his mother in the street, the son then kicked her head about twenty feet away.  Finally he jumped in front of a train and something approaching justice was done.

Later I read that the CEO of one of the, if not the, most highly valued and visible corporate enterprises on the planet decided to brag about how proud he is to be a homosexual. Not that it's supposed to matter or anything.  Almost instantly the cheers rolled in by headline and sexual perversion had reached the highest rung on the ladder of cool.  

And of course the President broke some more laws today and vowed to break even more. And then there were surely myriad other unthinkable, unspeakable acts paraded before the eyes of the world since the evening editions went out yesterday afternoon.

At this rate, I'd be very surprised if the human race made it to the next election.


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