Saturday, September 27, 2014

A "Religion of Peace", but.... we consider the question, "where are the Moderate Muslims?  Why don't they speak up?"  We reprise our discussion about why Islam is powerless to stop, much less reverse, its descent into barbarism.

To begin with, here is a collection of our previous comments on the subject.
We argued:
What authority is there in Islam to restrain that awful tendency toward wanton religious fervor, to prevent it, for example, from spawning a sect that is an evil cult of death, laughing as it slaughters babies, women, innocents, anything and everything including civilization itself? 
In civilized western countries, the culture restrains. But the culture is unquestionably Judeo-Christian in its traditions, mores, and laws. Thus it must be acknowledged that Islam is moderated by Judeo-Christianity, its two older siblings.
We conclude:
Mohammed did not turn the other cheek, love his enemy, or let himself be crucified for his love of his enemy's eternal soul. Islam sets no example of such love of enemy, only violence to "infidels".   
Arguing that "no God condones terrorism" is meaningless to a fundamentalist Muslim because that dogma does not find expression in the example of his chief prophet.  Therefore a fundamentalist Muslim has no moral authority mandating the restraint of its violent extremists. 
Islam CANNOT stop its own perverted violence. There is only One who can.


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