Saturday, April 12, 2014

Achievements of Modern American Democrats, Part 1

Recently released FBI documents show that Al Sharpton became an informant and was used to sting the mob. But in this interview, the Reverend Sharpton says it was not so "in my mind."

This is progress! Fifteen years ago Bill Clinton winked at the American people and invited them to believe that the word "is" might mean anything one wants it to mean.

Building on that achievement, Al Sharpton publicly shucks, jives, and negates objective reality. Only he doesn't merely invite us to believe it; he invokes the alleged contents of his mind as a matter of fact.

It's the idea of "standing on the shoulders of giants" turned upside-down; a monumental achievement that would have every sane, honest person from Plato to George Washington spinning in his grave.  And it was accomplished by Modern American Democrats!


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