Saturday, September 07, 2013

Enough (obama) is enough.

For the past 5 years, the thought-shapers in the media have transformed the national dialogue into a monologue and finally a lecture about Barack Obama. The American people, of whom he is supposed to be a civil servant (yes, servant)  have been reduced to being extras in the Big Story of Barack Obama.

Issues faced by America and Americans have been recast in terms of how they affect Barack Obama, imbued with hyperdrama until each has been made a crisis - his crisis - with the Burning Question declared to be, "how will it affect Barack Obama?".  The latest such adventure is in Syria where well-equipped mass murderers are using chemical weapons on innocent civilians.  We've seen the horrific images in the media in stories that ask, "how will this affect Barack Obama?"  Here he navigates the US like an overconfident, incompetent ship captain through circumstances that could destroy it and everything around it, but what matters is, "did he draw the 'red line' or didn't he?"  "Did he wow them at the G20 or not?"  When the mullahs threaten, they threaten his daughters. It's a sinister twist in the plot...of the Big Story of Barack Obama

It would be unheard of if all the passengers on the Queen Elizabeth spent their entire journey talking about the ship's pilot, listening to him lecture and even admonish them, suspending their entire lives to watch his.  But that is life on the SS Obama.

Stand down, Barack Obama. The American people want to get on with their lives.


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