Sunday, July 13, 2014

Doubling down on (the mystery of) lawlessness

This appears to be the agenda for the lame-duck Obama administration.  It is self-evident.  Though the only right thing to do with such an actor in the White House is to remove him, the Congress has curiously dismissed any talk of impeachment and the word has disappeared, for now at least, from the headlines.

This may be Congress' last chance to reign in the Rogue President. In its negligence to exercise the provisions in the law for protecting the Republic from a lawless president, has the Congress not become lawless itself?

Everybody -- at least everyone who does not hold the title of "Senator" or "Representative" -- knows that unchecked rebellion only grows until some it culminates in disproportionate disasters.  There is no reason for anyone to expect the scene being played before the world in US history to end well for anyone.

Congress must act now to stop the Obama administration or risk greater, unforeseen consequences than the mere political disaster the last 5 years have been. 


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