Tuesday, September 16, 2014

If Osama Bin Laden could pick the President of the United States...

...he'd pick Barack Hussein Obama.

Osama bin Laden vowed to "destroy the economy" of the US and then to follow up with Sun Tzu's "war of a thousand cuts" strategy designed to "confuse" and "bankrupt" the US.

Beyond the immediate, direct financial impact of the 9/11 attacks, the financial wake of 9/11 is obvious to all. We've discussed the systematic nature of the "Great Financial Crisis" of 2008 (please search this blog for "Financial Terrorism" if the link remains broken).  That is, that the "crash" of 2008 wasn't a crash so much as a series of discreet, nearly identical failures by major financial institutions in an environment of historically high oil prices with a series of small market crises as a catalyst.  We argued that, where "crashes" are chaotic and disorderly, the "Crisis" of 2008 unfolded in a systematic fashion that appeared to be a series of methodically executed steps.

As for the second part of bin Laden's plans, we present to you as Exhibits A through n the Obama Administration and its myriad crises, failures and blunders which have each and all been disastrous for the United States and the civilized world but have curiously created an environment that nurtures and empowers the advancement of the current fad of hardcore barbarism that they tell us is called "the Caliphate".  

Do you still think it's all a coincidence?


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