Thursday, January 08, 2015

Beware of Peace

Have you heard the chatter about "peace" lately?  I have.  Hillary Clinton is out and about touting a formula for "21st century peace" that is basically a highly intellectual sounding suicide note.  Lots of appeasement and psychology.  

At Mass the other day some itinerant priest from Down Under was on about how we should work for world peace in order to overcome the "military power that runs the word" [paraphrase].  It's a meme, you see.  Some priest from a far away shore and Hillary Clinton  both espousing the same new-aged hooey.  Get ready, because "peace" as they see it is about to be shoved down our collective throats.

The sponsors of this delusion -- "peace at any cost" -- aren't asking you to think about it. They aren't asking you to agree with it. They aren't asking you to engage in a debate in the marketplace of ideas; they aren't seeking to persuade you. They don't care what you think or believe.  What they are doing is what they always do: subverting your reason with images and slogans.  In this way they will desensitize you and bulldoze your natural resistance to an illogical campaign. They don't need your agreement. They only need your attention, and they have that.  

They will fill your field of attention with slogans and images about peace and about how anyone who dares disagree with their idea of peace is the enemy.  They will polarize and divide because this has proven to be the most effective means of concentrating power, and in the age of instant, global messaging, it's more effective than it has ever been.

And when that happens, when their little "peace" message becomes the daily drumbeat in world filled with shocking daily headlines of violence, disaster, turmoil, idealistic mobs will begin to demand "peace at any cost" the same way they demanded dead police officers and messianic presidents. They will demand a Man of Peace to fix the world up the way Barack Hussein Obama promised to.

And when that happens, someone will answer the call.  Someone very unique.  And hell will have come to earth.

So buckle up, sports fans. This is a little early-warning.


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