Monday, June 21, 2010

It's "god," not "God."

Bloomberg reports:

Anadarko Asks Court to Cancel Rig Contract Over Ban (Update1) By Margaret Cronin Fisk and Laurel Brubaker Calkins

June 21 (Bloomberg) -- Anadarko Petroleum Corp. asked a court to cancel its contract leasing an offshore oil rig from Noble Corp., claiming a U.S. six-month ban on deepwater drilling triggered a “force majeure,” or act of God, provision.

First, they shouldn't capitalize "God" when they're talking about Obama, who is responsible for the moratorium on drilling that prompted this suit.

Now then, as to the unintended consequences of his latest "act," not only will a strategic resource not be produced, and not only will more jobs be lost, in addition to myriad as yet unforeseen consequences, the legal system will be further overburdened by suits for which there was no reason prior to this "act of god".

But at least the lawyers will be busy. What's that joke about sharks and "professional courtesy"?


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