Wednesday, April 28, 2010

World War III: America’s Only Hope?

It's a draft, so the usual disclaimers apply.
(Oh, and be sure to check out the comments. Seems we ruffled a few feathers with this little flight of fancy.)

Let’s imagine a scenario together:

Communism, and communist aspirations of world domination, aren’t dead; and America is nearly conquered “without firing a shot” as a communist leader once vowed.

Communist Russia can play dead with “glasnost.” It can finance and train surrogate warriors of the radical, fundamentalist Muslim persuasion to fire its shots for it, to disrupt peace in the free world, especially in the US. It can use communist sympathizers who have infested every institution in the US from the White House on down to act in such a way as to aid the terrorists and hinder citizens.

Communist Russia, being at times the second largest exporter of crude oil, can withhold supplies and stage trading schemes to jack the price of crude up 7 times over its price ten years before to throw the free world into a financial turmoil. It can create alliances with other nations that benefit from the crude oil sales – like Mexico – to promote criminal immigration into the US to further destabilize the society, and again rely upon the zealous enabling of its sympathizers in US institutions to aid the process.

America has been taken over from within, and its mechanism of checks and balances against tyranny have been disabled, or perverted, or hijacked.

Now then, given this scenario, America’s only hope is World War III. America must fight a war not against a shadow enemy like “terror”, but a real enemy with a name and an address, so its sympathizers within the US can be identified and neutralized as the traitors to America that they are. The Communist State must be provoked into attacking an ally of the US or the US itself so that the US can retaliate and be at war with it. Only then can America clean house. Not an easy prospect to be sure – but the cause is lost by any other means. So the choice is either certain destruction of America from within or the daring and wildly uncertain possibility of saving her by the entering into of a lawful war.

OK, you can get back to reality now.

Oh, we forgot to mention the wiping out of the Polish cabinet in that airplane "accident" in Russia recently. You know, Poland, the nation that agreed to be the site of the NATO missile defense shield. Coincidence?


Blogger Stanislav said...

Is stupidity your gift? The US created Al Quida, under Bush and Clinton and Bush Jr. the US backed the Taliban, until 9/11. Bush even gave the Talibs $46 million for a present.

the US funds and train the Chechens, the Bosnian islamics, the Albanian in Macedonia, Serbia. The US arms the Turks while they were butchered Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians (all Orthodox Christians). The US bomb Orthodox Christian Serbs to help islamic jihad. The US arms the Islamic Egyptians, Jordanians, Saudies, Qatar, Indonesians, UAE.

The US put Saddam in power. The US backs the Islamic nuclear armed Pakistanies.

With the exception of Syria and Iran, the US backs and arms every single Islamic state and you blabber about terrorism?

$500 billion was stolen out of Russia by the US/EU "businessmen" in the 1990s and then with your derivitives and BS securities, you stole another $400 billion in investments, you who are now the world's biggest beggers and borrowers and thieves, even as you read lectures to everyone.

In 240 years of history, you have less then 20 of peace, where you were not busy attacking someone.

Putin warned your precious Bush and Obama not to nationalize your industries. And we are the communists? We have Christian education in our schools, a flat 13% income tax and a 20% corporate tax. We have a pro-business government that could teach your elites and peoples all about capitalism.

We have 87% of the population who list themselves as Christians and while your leaders on Christmas were out hiding and drinking, ours were in Church praying.

You want a war, becareful what you want, you will get it. You can't build one major weapon system without importing parts. You can't run your economy without importing oil. You can't buy anything without selling debt. You can't even make a TV set in America and import 96% of your cloths, most all of your furniture, all your computers and so want a war? You are an absolute fool.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Stanislav said...

By the way, Poland didn't agree, you are paying them, from an agreement with Bush, $40 billion for those bases, as direct payments. You made that dead leadership very rich...oh and funny, first who are idiots enough to put all the leadersip of a nation on one plane? Two, all except the Prime Minister who now has absolute power, with all his internal rivals dead. Get and grip and look in Warsaw for your answer....or maybe in DC, the Poles did want more money and were making friends with Russia, all of the sudden.

9:56 PM  

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