Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He said what?

As you probably know, the most sweeping legislation since the Constitution itself was just cajoled, greased, and rammed through congress "for the good of the people." Details on it are still sketchy, but among the dictates it is known to contain at this writing is one that can be rendered Thou shalt purchase health insurance OR ELSE.

Recently we heard a soundbyte of the Campaigning Obama, the One who caused the weak to swoon at the sound of his voice, declaring that such a mandate was wrong, wrong, wrong -- at least when it was HillaryCare. When it's ObamaCare, it's good, good, good!

But the real shocker for our ears wasn't another irrefutably misleading statement by Mr. Obama -- we're not surprised by those, even though the sheer volume and bald-faced audacity of them does still indeed flabbergast. Rather, it was when he was trashing "RomneyCare," the Massachusetts healthcare takeover, pronouncing it "Mattatuchets."

We admit to being selective about how much of the media culture we allow to dirty our shoes, but how did we miss the flood of media mockery at such rank illiteracy on behalf of a would-be president? Why, their indignity was non-stop when George W. Bush coined "misunderestimated" -- a word we find quaint and useful. How many hours of intellectual NPR discussion were dedicated to explaining how inconceivable it was that anyone who was so ill-trained in the finer points of grammar and delivery should dare hold himself out as a president; and how the fact that he was president must have been proof of a vast conspiracy to "install" him rather than elect him, because everyone knows that only the erudite win the Establishment nod. Especially the Bay State Establishment.

Excepty when the candidate is the One. Perhaps there was no mass-media orgy of credulity in response to this or any of the other unbelievable, inaccurate, stuttering, or just plain scary faux-pas' that were plain to see during Mr. Obama's world presidential campaign tour.

In any event, having grown up in Massachusetts, we can assure you that anyone who pronounces it that way is not to be taken seriously.


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