Thursday, March 11, 2010

When the Servant Rules

Servant. That's what "the most powerful man in the world" is: a servant and a leader. The power of the office of the President of the United States is derived from the consent of the governed -- it is not his own.

Some might suggest that President Obama might recoil from the concept of "servant-leadership" because, as we have been told, he is a black man and the word "servant" when referring to a black man can be construed by mildly paranoid minds to be a reference to slavery or some other racially oppressive mindset. Nevertheless, in this country, the mantle of "servant-leader" (not one or the other) is what the office of president bestows. Even on white presidents.

Now then, when the servant goes on tour using rhetoric such as, "I won't back down! They can back down!", and the "they" in question are the people who oppose a bill that he himself is obsessed with, the servant has ceased to serve and has begun to assert his will -- to speak like an "anti-servant," if you will.

As we see the tactics that Team Obama has invoked to win passage of his pet bill: persuasion, propaganda, shady deals (the Louisiana Purchase, the Nebraska Purchase), the marginalization of anyone who opposes its idea of "healthcare reform" by the media and intellectual elites, the murmur of saber rattling by the likes of Nation of Islam Leader Louis "Hitler was a very great man" Farrakhan, calling again for anarchy because "the white right opposes healthcare", manipulation and abuse of the legislative process, etc, we seem to be hearing more clips of the president asserting his will, his refusal to "back down," his insistence that the healthcare bill be passed now.

Seeing the increasingly aggressive assertions of the president as he refuses to "back down," we can't help but wonder, are we seeing President Obama metamorphose into a tyrant right before our eyes?


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