Tuesday, May 04, 2010

White males and truck bombs

Nary a week after the Post Racial President proclaimed that minorities and women -- anyone, really, except white males -- are the apple of his eye vis a vis the upcoming congressional elections, white males seem to have been relegated to public-enemy status.

To wit, even as the world viewed the released surveillance video clip depicting the likely driver of the Times Square truck bomb, the media was reporting that the suspect was "a white male in his forties;" yet a blind person could see that, despite the grainy rendering of the video clip, the man depicted did not really look white, nor in his forties.

While we have come to expect nonsense from the media, we should not let ourselves become so used to hearing it from the elected and appointed officials who govern us that it fails to shock. Accordingly, we are shocked -- genuinely so -- at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's (scripted) remarks to the formerly perky Katie Couric (reading a script of questions) to the effect that the suspect was probably just an average guy with a "political agenda" that included being disgruntled at the "healthcare bill." This is mind-blowingly irresponsible and prejudicial.

Now then, we are given to the conviction that there are few accidents where media time is concerned; that what is controllable is controlled and what isn't is spun. Viewed from this context, when we consider the Mayor's remarks along with those of the Post Racial President, considering as well said president's political pedigree, tactics, associates and their tactics, we smell some powerful and dirty propaganda.

We smell agit-prop demonizing the "Tea Party" movement, most of whom are surely disgruntled with the healthcare bill. Of course, something like 70% of the American populace was likewise disgruntled, but that's a mere sidebar. The Tea Party people are the threat to the entrenched mob in congress, and therefore must be dealt with. Casting them as "terrorists" because they dare to hold congress accountable to the American people has been a ridiculous and shameful staple of the administration's talking points from the moment they began to show up in very large numbers.

We suspect the powers that be would be thrilled if the drumbeat of irresponsible and inflammatory remarks and rotten innuendos that America's best and brightest have risen to spew would piss enough people off that the one loose screw does appear to fulfill their destructive prophecies.

But we also trust that, should this indeed be the case, the powers that be are so incompetent that their fingerprints will be all over it and, like every other foolish thing they've done and said in the last 15 months, the American people will see right through it.

See you in November!


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