Friday, August 27, 2010

I want Google OFF my computer.

It locks up. It locks up Blogger, too. It did it when I was composing this despatch, and I had to recreate it. What a waste of my time! Furthermore, it takes forever to load, as if it's scanning every byte of my computer for stuff it can parse with my email and put together into some sort of profile of me that it can sell to someone. I'm over that.

I'm also over this obesity shit. I see people who literally *wobble* around, wearing this "oh, feel sorry for ME!" look on their faces. When I was a kid, there was ONE obese person in the entire town, and it was clear there was a medical reason for it. Now they're everywhere. Like gigantic jellyfish. Who the hell put a gun to their heads and made them sit on the couch and eat junk food all day every day of their lives? Or they tool around on those $15,000 electric carts that they get from the welfare office. Yeah, go ahead and help those victims of white-male-oppression, Michelle Obama.

I'm also over you, "Mayor" Bloomberg, of the self-anointed Third Term. I'm very over you using your little bully pulpit (with stepstool) to dictate *your* (mis) interpretation of the Constitution to justify special favors to your biggest freaking donors. You're a clown, and clown's shouldn't run the circus.

And speaking of clowns, especially the horror-movie variety, don't get me started on the 9-11-mosque-imam and his dinosaur-looking wife. Gad, in any language, they're repulsive.


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