Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Loser-in-Chief (rant)

Dear Friends:
Your president is a loser. He's a spineless, grovelling incompetent. He is the very face of the worst possible outcome of affirmative action: the quota-in-chief. He's travelling at our expense all around the world, telling everyone who will listen that America is a terrible place that does terrible things -- isn't this exactly what Islam believes?
He doesn't understand America because he doesn't understand greatness. He doesn't get the virtue of "exceptionalism." He doesn't understand leadership by example. He's never been great, and never will be. We identified him as a "silver-tongued slacker" the first time we heard him speak.
He's an embarrassment abroad and at home. Abroad he slanders this great land and at home he and his team of hypecaffeinated malcontented radical power junkies brainstorm new ways to destroy it from within.
He's a disgrace and he's disgracing this country, and the sooner we can put this abysmal episode behind us, the better.
If we survive it.
Which we will. But in what condition? And at what expense?


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