Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dispatches from the Abyss

Item: It was reported, from California, that a 15 year-old girl was raped as she left her high school homecoming event, by upwards of 20 teenage boys. There were passersby. Some did nothing. Others captured the event on cellphone video cameras for posting on the Internet.

Item: While standing on the 14th St Union Square subway platform at about noon, looking into the tunnel for signs of a train, we notice the lanky black man leaning against the last I-beam is urinating on the platform. We turn away. Then we turn back, deciding not to give him the benefit of tacit approval by ignoring him. He is scrawny, but wearing clean clothes. He hides behind the next nearest I-beam pillar. God bless him -- at least he has a sense of shame, a sign of humanity.

Item: On that pillar, we notice the following, scrawled in thick black magic marker. It is the only graffiti on the pillar:

F**k you MOM! I hope you die B**TCH!

The writer then goes on, in the same literary style, to graphically described his planned dismemberment of his mother.

Well, then. These, apparently, are the sorts of things that are on the "minds" of some of your neighbors.

We can't help but marvel at the patience of the Almighty.


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