Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time again to play "Connect the Dots"

Dot: Michael Bloomberg engineers third term as mayor of New York. Some rhetorical resistance is floated, but no meaningful effort is made to rebuff this heretofore unprecedented (and arguably unjustified) claim to power.
Dot: Attorney General Eric Holder, a native of The Bronx, announces that the surviving engineers of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US, currently designated as enemy combatants, will be tried as civilians in New York City. The decision is universally acknowledged as terrible idea by all except Mr. Brown, Mayor Bloomberg, and President Obama, and their cheerleaders in the media.
We always figured there was a good reason that Bloomy skated into an unprecedented third term as mayor, and that we'd eventually see the reason why. We consider this development to be the strongest contender yet for that reason. Bloomy clearly sees millions of dollars in revenue for the City -- and damn the risk to its citizens -- plus one really fat favor that Holder and the Obama administration owe him.
Holder, it can be reasonably argued, is greasing skids back home. And Obama? No clue. He seems to be obsessed with New York City, in a bizarre way.
We wish he would just leave us alone.


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