Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Obama Doctrine

This week 13 US soldiers were shot dead at Ft. Hood, Texas -- that's on American soil -- by a Muslim screaming "Allah Akbar." President Obama held an emergency news conference during which he said, "Let's not rush to conclusions" about it being an act of terrorism. This is the commander-in-chief's message to the American people fighting a war on terror: "Let's not rush to conclusions." This is the Obama Docrine. And this is no way to deal with a terrorist enemy who is sworn to your destruction.

Note, now, that it's perfectly allowable to "rush" to pass a government takeover of the healthcares business, and that doing so is "the call of history." But when it comes to Islamic terrorism, when it comes to innocent people being shot dead en masse by crazed Muslim fanatics, no, we mustn't rush to conclusions.

Thankfully somebody rushed to put that raving animal down with 4 slugs, or the death toll would undoubtedly be much higher.


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