Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It is widely known...

[edit: the photos in this post seem to be understood to be fraudulent.]

...that things aren't always what they seem. It is with this in mind that we offer the only plausible explanation of how a complete nobody can become president of the United States of America:

A bunch of rich, powerful, globalist-like white guys get together and say, "what kind of person can we put in as president of the US who will be completely immune to all criticism?...I know! We'll get a black guy, and every time somebody speaks up about all the crap we'll have him doing, we'll have the media cry 'RACIST!'"

You have to admit, it does describe the circumstances, doesn't it?

Next subject: some democrat congressman from Georgia is on record as saying that, today, you call the president a liar, and tomorrow, everybody's "wearing white sheets." We thank him for saying this, because for months we've been calling attention to fact that Planned Parenthood, which seems to hold a handful of the strings attached to Barack Obama's extremities, has "honored" the president's Secretary of State (Hillary Rodham Clinton) with its esteemed "Margaret Sanger Award." Below is a picture of Madame Sanger herself, sharing her unique vision of the future of the "negro" race with...a bunch of people in white sheets.

Here's some other stuff we've pointed out about the president, the KKK, Hillary Clinton, Margaret Sanger, and various and sundry associated individuals and organizations:


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