Sunday, April 19, 2009

Put on Your Overcoat

...and play Columbo for a moment. What is up with the Obama-Planned Parenthood-Nominal Catholic (Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius, et al) axis? What's the link here? We think the oh-so-clever Obama strategists (Axelrod, you magnificent bastard) have decided to charm every Catholic that can be charmed, buy the ones that can't, and ignore the rest. When the good detective rubs his chin and asks, "but who benefits?", it's clear that Planned Parenthood is the one cashing the biggest checks.
National Health Care, the obsession of Hillary Clinton (and therefore very on-the-plate of her lapdog, Barack Obama) that provides expanded taxpayer funding for abortions is something that Planned Parenthood must be drooling over. Perhaps even engineering. We don't doubt that their ominous boast of playing a "unique role in the Obama administration" is related to some such strategy. Unique indeed. When was the last time a corporation played any role in a presidential administration?

Even if, somehow, you remain "pro-choice," are you pro-choice about your president being in some corporation's pocket? You weren't when they were talking about "Halliburton."

We think these development suggest a strategy, and one that indicates unequivocally just how important it is to neutralize the significant Catholic presence in the marketplace in order to install abortion as a taxpayer-funded "right." A diabolical manipulation of the political system and an unthinkable abuse of executive power, no doubt. But also quite a revelation on the formidable essence of the Catholic vote, needing, as it apparently does, such top-priority containment by the Axis of Death.
We also think it likely that this strategy will backfire by uniting genuine Catholics in America and worldwide to finally insist upon the overthrow of the death-mandate in public policy.


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