Friday, June 05, 2009

Let's Play Connect the Dots

The following are some observations we've made concerning the current administration:
  • The president has been pushing mandatory, national healthcare with an obsession from his first days in office.
  • Bills mandating national healthcare are now being drafted; it's highly likely congress will fall into line and pass them and it's highly unlikely the president will veto them.
  • The campaigning Hillary Clinton vowed never to quit the presidential race, and then she did.
  • The idea of mandatory national healthcare was, during the Clinton administration, such an obsession of Hillary Clinton's that it was once known as "HillaryCare."

    We've noticed some other things:
  • The president has a noticeable number of pro-abortion, lapsed Catholics in key places in his administration, including Secretary of Health and Human Services -- the position that would oversee any national health care administration.
  • The president, while campaigning, was a keynote speaker at a Planned Parenthood event and made assurances of his commitment to pro-abortion policies.
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was "honored" with the Margaret Sanger award, Planned Parenthood's highest honor, at a recent event.
  • The president's nominal Catholic cabinet appointees support the agenda of Planned Parenthood and many have past ties to pro abortion groups.
The common link to all these observations is abortion. Planned Parenthood, which is supported by the government to the tune of $371,000,000 this year alone, has a direct, financial interest in seeing taxpayer-funded abortion become a reality. A healthcare plan mandated by the government, that provides coverage for abortion, would make taxpayer-funded abortion a reality.

We know Planned Parenthood has "honored" the president and the Secretary of State, and, even if we aren't privy to any money trails at the moment, it's a safe bet that PP has financed these and other candidates as well.

If you see leaves moving a certain way, you can tell the wind is blowing, even if you can't see the wind itself. We see lots of things all blowing in the same direction here. We cannot see the wind, necessarily, but we see what it's doing. We wonder:

Wasn't is so very tidy the way Hillary pulled out of race, endorsed Obama, and popped up as Secretary of State? And isn't it interesting how Obama has adopted Hillary's obsession for nationalized health care? Isn't it thought-provoking how Obama and Hillary both sound like nothing if not pitch-men for the abortion industry? Isn't it likely that these two, er, forceful personalities, when they team up to ram socialized medicine down the throats of Americans, will make good and sure "reproductive rights" are included in their plan for "healthcare?"

We further wonder who, in the final analysis, benefits from these personalities and their happenings?

  • Obama got his Presidency.
  • Hillary got a good shot at her "HillaryCare."
  • Planned Parenthood's got good shot at a direct deposit from the taxpayers.
Though they would have you think they're standing on principal and doing what's best for you, we'd say they're angling for power and more power. About the only thing that can make people so ruthlessly pragmatic is either money or power, which are pretty much fungible. And since all the ingredients required to make a political machine hum are here, i.e. lust for power, lust for money, and, alas, somebody to pay the bill, this is what we're wagering on. We bet you're going to read about the smoking gun, eventually.


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