Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What if the Government Decides Who Lives and Who Doesn't?

Do you marvel at that possibility? You should - it's unconstitutional, on its face. And yet, this is the debate -- the ostensible debate, for it's this close to being codified in law -- that this constitutional republic is having today. It's unjust, isn't it, that the government is pushing laws that are patently unconstitutional? Of course it is.
Have you got your head around the implications? It only takes a few moments' realistic reflection, to see how fraught with potential for unimaginably chilling totalitarian scenarios a government controlled medical "industry" is. History has meticulously documented recent examples for us to learn from.
Do you marvel at the talk of "death panels," of "Quality Adjusted Life Years," of a "Complete Lives System," of the premise, under consideration for signing into the law of the land, that some people are allowed to receive medical treatment, and some not, based largely upon how many productive years they are likely to have left?
Do you recoil in horror at the idea that a dull, cold-hearted bureaucrat with a computer could someday look you in the eye and say, "it's been decided that you will get the pain pill, not the surgery," knowing it means the end of your life? Does your instinct for self-preservation, your God-given sense of justice, infuse you with adrenalin at the very thought of it? That somebody who doesn't care about you as a person has authority to dispose of your very life, and does so out of concern for costs, for utility to the state?
Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to be sleeping peacefully, to have your world invaded by a mechanism that is designed for one purpose: to eliminate you, and that because somebody who doesn't care to believe that you are a person has decided it makes more sense to him if you die, and the sooner you're out of the way, the better?
It happens 3,000 times a day in the United States alone; a million times a year. It's been happening for over 40 years. It's legalized abortion.
And it's about to come to adults. On what grounds can we call it unjust?


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