Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As long as

abortion is legal in the US, this country has no moral authority. You can decide for yourself if that matters or not. But with economic superiority past us, and solvency that much more so, that leaves us with little to stand on besides smoke and mirrors.

Consider the folly of this: our national debt is in the trillions and the country is "debating" (making a pretense of debating, really) the nationalization of 1/6 of the economy (the healthcare industry) -- that means making it a taxpayer-funded liability. With tax receipts falling because of increasing unemployment, how on earth with this ballooning debt be repaid?

Why, it's been assigned to future generations of taxpayers. But we currently abort about a million of them a year.

Not only that, but the command-and-control proposals for nationalized healthcare include plans to make abortion -- by diabolically twisted logic -- "healthcare," to be paid for by taxpayers. Recall the power of supply-side economics and ponder for a moment if abortions will increase once paid for by "the government." Remember, each aborted baby is one less "future taxpayer."

So, the plan that requires future taxpayers to fund it, funds the extermination of future taxpayers.

Does that seem like a good plan? Would you invest in a company that managed its resources in such a self-defeating way?


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