Sunday, December 21, 2008

Noonan swings, misses.

On his way to hitting 714 home runs during his career, the Sultan of Swat struck out 1,330 times. From such statistics, positive thinkers naturally conclude, "every strikeout brings me closer to a home run!"

And so, soon, maybe in her next at-bat, the Princess of Newsprint will deliver something that replenishes the energy required to read it. But this time around, whoooosh....thud!...awwwwww.

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I am referring to her recent piece in the Wall Street Journal (I read it in the NY Post, where it is entitled, "Nobody Home.") The long and short of it is actually a sound discussion on the apparent vacuum of leadership in our institutions, or many of them, at least. I say "apparent," but she didn't. She said there is no leadership to be found. I say, there are leaders everywhere, just like there always have been, but nobody wants them. Or everybody is being told that nobody wants them. And so they languish in obscurity, dutifully leading in their given spheres, however small.

I think it would be more accurate to describe the phenomenon that is the subject of Ms. Noonan's plaintive dirge as the perception of a leadership vacuum supported entirely by the organs of popular culture. Their message has been, at one and the same time, "we don't need no stinkin' leadership," and, "oh, where are the leaders this world needs!!??"

One of this republic's greatest leaders is finishing up his statutory limit as a public servant in the White House, where his resolve, decisiveness, unimpeachable character, unalloyed patriotism, and subtlely brilliant tactics have been misunderstood and villified in the popular mind almost since the beginning. The people were given unparalleled leadership, and have rejected it. More accurately, the media, behaving as our unelected representatives, have rejected it on our behalf.

In its place, they have told us we wanted an empty suit, and we have dutifully put one there.

There is no absence of leadership, but there is a surrogate rejection of it, which is much more disturbing.


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