Thursday, November 06, 2008

On the first Black President of The United States

Well, the thing is, he's not exactly black, is he?

Both readers of my blog will no doubt be aware that I am no fan of Barack Obama or his friends. So waking up on November 5 was not the usual joyful experience that it is on other mornings. But something interesting did happen as the day wore on.

I found myself picking up the genuine elation that seemed to be radiating from many of my black coworkers. Not arrogance, not gloating, but just...elation.

I wrote these words to a friend in an email during the day:

However, I also recognize that black Americans must [be] -- and probably can't help being -- elated that someone who understands (or at least that might understand) the black experience is in the highest office in the greatest nation in the world. I pray he will not disappoint any American, especially black Americans. Of course, I believe that, apart from a miracle, he will disappoint. I also thank God for the separation of powers...

I am happy for black Americans -- not that Obama is president, but that a black American is. I try to imagine how they must feel, and have felt before and after. They may have a sense of being American now more than any forced busing or affirmative action legislation could ever make them feel.

Don't be put off by the pronoun "they," it's simply correct grammar when referring to a particular group of individuals.

So, instead of being overcome with a sense of impending doom -- which really isn't too extreme a sense to have when someone like Barack Obama gets a whole lot of power -- I was gracefully transported to a place of peace and joy, in sympathy, I suppose one might say, with my fellow American citizens of color, whose histories have been so difficult.

I am thrilled that the American experiment works that much. I was thrilled to see record turnouts, and people so engaged in the process of electing their president.

But as to the man himself as president, I'm certain that -- apart from that miracle or series of miracles -- he will be a political, economic, and administrative disaster.

The stock market is starting to tally the cost of his idea of hope and change. Miss Market is not a fool for long. She can hear the rumblings of every half-baked socialist, environmentalist, victim-creating-and-exploiting scheme being hatched by the leftist morons in congress and elsewhere.

She understands how, coming as it does in the midst of a market crash and credit hibernation, the bill for such waste will be borne by the taxpayer, and any business that happens to turn a profit, and she knows that will hinder growth. She knows it will exacerbate the problem, perhaps bring on that feared depression. Miss Market rightly feels threatened.

She marked this brand of Hope and Change down another 443.48 points, or 4.85% today, the second day in a row. That's about 10% in two days. This market will test the ultimate bottom, before it's all said and done. As in, cut in half, from here. Unless...

...there is one mitigating circumstance, and it's not small, but it's not a no-brainer, either. There is still a half or so of the civilized world that needs to move into the 21st century economically and infrastructurally. Lots of people need to be fed, clothed, have transportation and the stuff of the business of life. There's a huge, ongoing demand for commerce to meet these needs. But as commerce requires credit, therein lies the rub.

How fast can the global credit machinery can be primed, put in motion, and stabilized? And, incidentally, at what cost to individual liberty? Will things get so bad that any price will be paid to put a chicken in every pot?

Commerce also requires markets, so if Barack's socialist tendencies get shoved down our throats, it will drive capital further into hiding. All bets are off for a very long time, both here and abroad. Capital, being a smart thing, may discover another, more market oriented center from which to base. But that wouldn't be so good for America, would it. And, the reader should understand, what's good for America is good for the world.

Back here at home, with Barack Obama as president, and a leftist, activist congress at his side, look for the biggest shakedown of the taxpayer in modern times. If they're smart, they'll keep the body alive while they parasitically exploit it. But, they're not smart, are they? At least not in the best sense of the word.

Hopefully the marketplace of ideas won't be annexed by the powers that be and this Brave New Administration can be kept from doing too much damage to America.

Maybe somehow Obama will come to understand markets; maybe he'll understand what it really means to be an American, and how America stands with Israel, or fails to at its peril. Maybe he'll have that Damascus Road experience that will show him the difference between "being punished" and being pregnant. Maybe the hard-edged arrogance I heard in his voice was only my imagination. Maybe he'll trade in his mantle as "messiah" for one of "public servant."

I believe in miracles. I'm just not presumptuous enough to bet on them.


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