Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Issue

There isn't a presidential candidate anywhere who can "fix" the "crisis." Either one of them can make it a great deal worse than it is.

Americans fool themselves if they think the issue of this election is the markets. The groundwork for the markets' current upheaval was laid...some time ago (the debate about "when" obscures my point).

In this way, the candidates are homogeneous. Neither can fix the crisis, neither is really remarkable in meaningful ways. Obama's silver tongue is undone by his shady friends and an at-best unremarkable past. McCain is barely a republican, apparently. They net out to mediocre.

Where the candidates differ -- and therefore, the issue at hand in this election -- is this: One candidate is against abortion, and the other, is not. One candidate adopted a discarded baby into his home, the other thinks of an unplanned baby as "punishment." One honors innocent life, the other feels free to discard it if its arrival seems inconvenient. Would any candidate hold that position if fetuses could vote?

With regard to the VP candidates, again: one could have aborted a baby diagnosed before birth with Downs Syndrome, but did not. The other one ignores the teaching of his professed faith on the matter of abortion in his policies.

The difference: how they view human life -- not necessarily their own, but innocent, silent, defenseless baby human life. In this way, the candidates could not be any farther apart.

America ought to concern itself with this question: is a candidate who cannot grasp the value of any and all human life fit to lead it?

Like it or not, that's the decision you're making this election.


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