Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can you say "Arkancide?"

Do they have Teamsters in Arkansas?

The New York Post reports that "Cops Eye "W" Role as Possible Motive" in this brutal attack:

The cameo role of a bubbly, blond TV anchorwoman in the controversial movie "W." is being looked at as a possible motive in her bloody beating inside her Arkansas home, authorities said yesterday.
It's now a murder. This lovely young woman passed away on Saturday, October 25, 2008. But why would her cameo role be a "motive?" The Post:
She had a small role in the new Oliver Stone movie "W.," which was filmed in Shreveport, La. She appears briefly as a conservative commentator who speaks favorably of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" event on an aircraft carrier shortly after the start of the Iraq war.

Anne Pressly, R.I.P.
Whether it's art imitating nature or the other way around, or just a long line of concatenated coincidences, tragedies like this call to mind some things that simply refuse to let themselves be forgotten: Only one state has a cause of death named after it in the popular lexicon; only one former president -- former governor of said state -- representing one political party distinguished by its radical left-wing elements, has been associated by history with something called a "Clinton body count" (it returns "about 273,000" results when entered as a search keyword in the Google search engine).

Does every poor innocent who crosses these folks wind up going the way of Jimmy Hoffa? That's a useful segue into the Chicago politics connection, which went national when William M. Daley, the seventh son (it's true) of the late Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, became Al Gore's campaign chairman in the 2000 Presidential election -- and sought to overturn the entire election process in the courts, after they'd lost. He's currently "a prominent supporter" of the latest offspring of the Chicago Political Machine to go nationwide, Barack H. Obama.

Who in their right mind would suggest such things are anything more than a series of unfortunate, but striking, coincidences? But who in their right mind could reckon themselves with such impossible odds for misfortune?

Who has paid any attention to the bloody trend in world politics in our lifetimes? Rigged elections, body counts... suspicious bouts of mortal bad luck befalling numerous individuals whose proximity to them is the one thing they all have in common -- such things do not constitute a good omen when they characterize a political cabal.

And if there's no fire, how come there's so much smoke?


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