Thursday, November 13, 2008

President Bush and Miss Market Take Obama to School.

Today, President Bush came to New York to tell the seething socialists from across the pond and south of the border, and especially the one that's packing up to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, that they fool around with free markets at their own peril.

Apparently he made a compelling case because, after touching its market-meltdown low, the market inexplicably rallied 10.86% off its Obama-fearing low to close up 552.59 points or 6.67% on the day. This, dear readers, is the rally that Obama coveted. It is also the rally that George Bush got.
This is what markets do when they see a light at the end of that long, dark tunnel of socialism. Flip the chart over (or refer to my Nov. 5th post) if you want to see what they do when socialists get themselves elected
Mr. Obama, you've just been schooled. Hope you were paying attention.


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