Tuesday, July 14, 2015

End Game

Have we posted this before? It's worth posting again:  Israel is being put in a position where it will be forced to defend itself or perhaps preemptively address the threat by Iran to "wipe Israel off the map."
The Obama administration has effectively withdrawn America's tacit protection of Israel, which has been the single most effective peace-keeping influence in the Middle East.  The promise of US protection of Israel has caused the bullies to stand down.  But now that has been removed, and not only that, Obama has put its arm around the Iranian regime with its mission to destroy Israel and even handed it the keys to the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.  There can be no doubt about Iran's ultimate intentions in this matter -- it has stated them repeatedly: "we will wipe Israel off the map."
So it is entirely predictable that, barring some completely unforeseen reversal of policy, Israel will be forced to respond to that threat accordingly.  And with the US turning its back on her, she will stand alone.  Russia has already expressed its satisfaction with Obama's "deal" with Iran -- Putin is clearly no friend of Israel and that leaves her all alone.  
Is it possible that the Iranian regime may someday pose a credible, catastrophic threat to Israel?  It already does: sworn to destroy her, it now has nuclear weapons within its reach and the enthusiastic support of the superpowers. The Iranian regime also knows that Obama's Window of Permissiveness will very likely close on January 20, 2017, a reality that can only heighten the potential danger of the situation.
How much more talk of "wiping off the map" should Israel countenance before taking preemptive self-defensive action now that Iran is a nuclear power?  Iran needn't actually launch an attack -- merely posturing convincingly that it might would put Israel in the terrible position of having to assume Iran intends to carry out its threats.
Should Israel act with appropriate and decisive self defense to a credible threat, how can a world such as the one we currently live in -- in which barbarism is on daily global parade courtesy of the bloodthirsty, sworn enemies of Israel, in which Antisemitism is publicly proclaimed in Western nations, in which the American president openly and publicly disrespects Israel's prime minister, in which both nuclear superpowers turn their backs on this tiny nation -- be expected to react?
Which scenario is more likely in that event -- that the superpowers suddenly see the light of Israel's actual predicament, reversing themselves to declare support for her?  Or that they chastise Israel as the offender of the delusional "peace" that's been negotiated, that they blame the victim, and seek to punish her, first with UN resolutions, then with sanctions?  How can such a fiasco not escalate? Will they perhaps point their guns at Jerusalem?
Maybe we should pray for its peace.


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