Saturday, May 11, 2013

McMansions for Manhattan?

I am not impressed that Toll Brothers buys conspicuous advertising mentions from the Metropolitan Opera.  I remember Toll Brothers as the purveyors of McMansions during the historic housing bubble -- shoddy, gaudy, McMansions clad in imitation stone that overleveraged yuppies shipwrecked their financial futures on. People leave New York City for that crap. They come here to get away from it.

The Brothers will learn that New York City is not some vacant lot in a distant suburb of a Midwestern city.  Real Estate in New York is more like organized crime, or, perhaps less disparagingly, a mega-medieval guild.  You might not be able to just waltz in here from Pennsylvania and insert yourself into the pecking order. You might have to pay up, and wait in line.

New York is big patchwork quilt of myriad communities, so please take your manufactured community mentality somewhere else, because New Yorkers really don't take to big-business environments and we don't want our city to become a haven for McPeople who do.


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