Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why Bear Arms?

It's simple: by constitution, the government of this country isn't a bunch of sharpies in Washington, DC. Quite the contrary. The government is of The People. Those suits in DC are merely agents of The People -- they're our go-to boys, not our masters.

Since the power of the government is rooted and invested in The People, the defense of the nation is invested with The People. Furthermore, as the establishments of representative government are divided for the purposes of limiting the power of each, in favor of the power of The People, so the right to ultimately limit the power of those institutions, should the separation of powers fail to, is granted to The People through the right to bear arms.

In other words, your right to keep and bear arms, along with mine and everyone elses, is your last defense against tyranny.

Have you seen the weaponry that the tyrants around the world, and their surrogates, are using? That's why you need high-capacity ammunition clips. They're not for deer hunting. They're for homeland defense.

If your representatives coerce you into giving up your Second Ammendment rights, the upending of this Great Experiment will have been completed. On paper, at least.


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