Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Heavens are....stainless steel

Skeptics and poets who pass by St. Patrick's lately must be thanking their preferred deities for his eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, whose management of the place (not to mention his writings) gives us tasty fodder upon which to ruminate.

The proverbial We, for example, did not think it would so soon see the gauntlet of Kevlar-clad, machine-gun-wielding, K-9 reinforced "police officers" (earning union-scale overtime), through which worshippers had to pass to attend Sunday Mass, outdone by a greater demonstration of naked force. But we clearly underestimated his eminence's affinity for such things. After all, WWJD?

Apparently his eminence believes that He would outfit the entrance the Cathedral with impenetrable stainless-steel doors that look like they were borrowed from the gold vault at the Federal Reserve. The Gates of Hell be damned.

The heavens used to be brass. But the Cardinal has upgraded them.
Keeping the Doors Wide Open


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