Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Black Cloud

Gee, how come all the people on the commute and in the office weren't positively giddy like they were four years ago today?

In fact, people seemed shellshocked, traumatized. Is it because nobody believed he would see the headline "Obama Wins" again? Is it because nobody with a lick of sense believes he could "win" an election? That's what our money's on.

Oh my, look at the stock market. Isn't there another post around here about it plunging the last time Obama was elected? Why, yes, there is. Welcome back to Wall Street, Mr. Hope and Change.

There's a silver lining: Hell is eternal, but we only have to endure another four years. Unless, of course, there's an investigation. Or some other great overstep, which the arrogant incompetent can be counted on to take.

First the Yankees, now this. What's next, The Black Plague?


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