Saturday, June 25, 2011

Question of the Moment

It has taken 7 years of day-by-day pavement-pounding in the Big Apple -- the Multicultural Mecca, the Alternative Lifestyle Apex, the Progressive Paradise -- to raise in our mind this question: When Italians get together and live in a neighborhood, it's called Little Italy and is a destination for authentic Italian fare; with Chinese, it's Chinatown. The Polish have settled in Greenpoint, and that's where you go for a taste of what makes Polish culture, Polish culture. Etc, etc.

Why then, when black Americans live together in a neighborhood is it called a "ghetto" and nobody wants to go there?

As a sidebar, New Yorkers can apparently look forward to having a "Little Sodom" what with the "historic" progressive "victory" giving legal sanction to the unnatural "union" of same sex couples. Refer to the Armageddon reference in this "Hypothesis of the Moment."


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