Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Enemy of My Friend: The Establishment Right and the Radical Left See Eye to Eye.

We notice that the more shrill the objections to Sarah Palin's audacious existence, the louder the insistence that she is an insignificant hick and attention-seeker, the less true it becomes; and we doubt, of course, that it was ever true at all.

In fact, we should rephrase the idea thus: we notice that the louder Mrs. Palin's detractors squawk, the more they prove their own woeful incompetence in judging such matters.

We also mark with amazement the arrival of society at a sort of (yet another) tipping point: That is, the existence of Mrs. Palin seems to drive some particularly unstable people quite over the edge. Just the other night, some otherwise intelligent sounding lady called a radio talk show to complain that Bristol Palin's appearance on Dancing With the Stars is proof of The New Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The left, it appears, is showing stress fractures, and this is but one anecdotal symptom.

But not just the left. The Alleged Right -- the home of that Vast Right-Wing-Conspiracy -- none other than Karl Rove has expressed his disdain for the lady governor from Alaska, and so too, as you know, has that venerable Godmother of the Establishment Right, Mrs. George Herbert Walker (Barbara) Bush. Babs has said, "she's pretty; she ought to stay in Alaska." A very polite indication of panic. We know who these folks will be discussing at Thanksgiving.

We detect by these emissions yet another proof of that old, mysterious, and utterly true saw: Politics makes strange bedfellows. This makes us a bit nervous, because it means those decaying bastions of power are nervous about Sarah Palin's genuine self and its popularity with genuine Americans. One must be concerned with what lengths they will go to to preserve what's left of their power. For it seems that the Establishment Right and Radical Left have joined forces in eliminating their common enemy: The Will of The People.


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