Saturday, November 06, 2010

Obama Brings Home The Bacon?

The First Rule of Decoding the Media is this: "the more they say it, the less true it is."

So let’s apply this lesson. We’ve been hearing over and over from the Information Complex that President Obama’s trip to India is "...a mission to increase trade which will result in significant job creation in the US..." [paraphrasing the party line]; or, as Fox has headlined: President Obama announced several "landmark" trade deals the White House says will create tens of thousands of jobs back home.

This is so improbable, and, in fact, so nearly impossible, that it can only be a cover for something, and probably in response to all the criticism “the people” have expressed about the size and expense of Obama’s entourage, which is apparently beyond calculation.

The last time we checked, India was the place where we outsourced to. So what are they gonna buy from us?

Correct us if we're wrong, but we think you can still get a top programmer in India for a fraction of what you'd pay for a US citizen of equivalent skill (assuming you can find one). When we last chatted with acquaintences in Mumbai a coupla years ago who worked for that big bank -- the guys who'd come over for a couple of months so that they could learn them how to jobs that New Yorkers were doing (somebody we know once got a tech support call from Mumbai in a moment of charming irony) -- they said that outside the city, where most people live, it's still a third-world country.
We can't figure out what they're gonna buy from us that will create "tens of thousands of jobs" here. Oh, maybe fighter jets. Maybe all those destroyers that Obama sent over were sales props. Otherwise, the only way we can see for them to create jobs here is to devalue the dollar so that our standard of living is roughly on par with the peasants in India. Then they'll be able to afford to trade with us.

And we ought to be thankful that this cover story can't be true, because if it were, that would mean that it's come to this: the President of the United States going hat-in-hand to persuade a 2nd world nation to give us back the jobs we outsourced to it over the last 20 years. And it would mean that we've reached the point where we're supposed to celebrate the "creation" of 50,000 call-center jobs. Oh, my, how the mighty would have fallen, were the story true.
Yeah, "Obama brings home the bacon." It’s obvious the Information Complex thinks we’re all complete idiots. Which brings us to the Next Rule of Decoding the Media: "Always ask, 'why are they spending time and money to make me believe this?'" We’ll have to stay tuned, because Rule Three is, “the truth always outs, thought never intentionally and usually from the most unlikely places.”


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