Saturday, March 31, 2007


would be a Bar Mitzvah given by Nazis in a Concentration Camp. Sinister irony.

How about a birthday party at an abortion office?

Really -- regardless of your position on the subject, and assuming you are able to think for yourself about it rather than have your emotional buttons pushed by media-induced icons -- what could be more ironic than celebrating the day of someone's birth with a party at a business that prospers by preventing birth days?

Well, we watched them carry in the presents. One was a potted plant. One of my fellow pray-ers remarked that a living plant being brought into a place that deals in death is itself an irony.

And then we saw them carrying in more presents, and even a nice, big cake. Another pray-er remarked, "we know it's not a baby shower!"

How many birthdays won't be had, because of that place?

(hint: more per day in the US than soldiers lost in the entire Gulf War).

[on reflection, I have decided that a birthday celebration is in order after all, for all those women who embrace hope in the face of hardship and choose to give a child a birthday].


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