Wednesday, March 28, 2007

if you needed more evidence that the lunatics are running

the media in the asylum in NYC all you need to do is tune into NPR (WNYC in NYC) to hear classical music (there is no other reason to turn on NPR unless you require a steady diet of intellectual cotton-candy) like I did and hear a -- what was it, an ad? -- delivered in grave tones (sorry I can't remember it all but it was something like this...)

eyeball rolling, sneering, tisking; these are not harmless facial expressions. No, they are evidence of something much more destructive: relational aggression.
Yes, they did say this. No, I don't think it's a mock ad for a Monte Python satire. It was real. And I guess this is what you turn to when you've exhausted every other form of victim-making, here in the self-made victim capital of the universe.

Now, if you need more proof that the Left is the harbor of the intellectually and emotionally challenged, consider why they didn't call this "malady" "Relational Terrorism." Then they could invoke federal law to seize assets and use deadly force against those who roll their eyeballs and tisk.

God help us. Soon. Before, I pray, they make it illegal to roll your eyeballs.


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