Thursday, February 15, 2007

digital sweatshop

that's what it felt like today. instead of Singer treadles and fabric in the Garment District, it's Excel and portfolio returns on Wall Street.

OK, I'm being a little dramatic. It's more like a digital mortuary.

It's not really that bad...just tedious. The pay's a heck of a lot better. And the view is nice. I'm grateful for the gig, don't get me wrong. But I realize I'm too much of a people person to be locked away in cubicle crunching numbers.

I was telling one cellmate, "...yeah, I'm thinking of getting a Master's in Financial Engineering!" And he deadpans: "Have you thought of Actuarial Science?" Ugh. Actuarial Science?! Am I the only person who associates the word "actuarial" with "mortality rates," emphasis on "mortality?" It's close call between that and watching paint dry, as far as adrenaline rushes go. But I'm past the need for hunting adrenaline rushes. I find everyday life to be challenge enough, and it's alot more meaningful.

I just think the phrase digital sweatshop is cool. Can I turn a phrase or what?


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