Thursday, September 23, 2004

I blog, therefore...

There are few things I like better than losing a great post because the internet connection is weak. I guess I'd better get into the habit of hitting the "save as draft" button every sentence or two, since there seems to be no way of copying the text I am typing into this "create post" form (O, I see it works when I'm in 'edit HTML' mode).

I was saying that sometimes I think I have no life, as evidenced by the fact that I sit here and type all this stuff. Stuff like how the seat is squeaking (and why). In fact, the title of the lost post was, "I blog, therefore..." and the first line was, "...I have no life?" Then I was musing about how some large, inconsiderate person might try to sit on top of me, and lo, a slim young lady actually sat here (next to me, not on top of me).

I went on to recall that she was the same young lady who was next to me when I was making this observation. She was the one I woke up and asked to let me out, because I preferred to stand rather than "listen to those two idiots" in the seat immediately behind us. I felt a little sheepish afterwards, but they were really a nuisance. Sickening, actually. The young lady, on the other hand, is very humble (or appears to be), polite, and has beautiful hair.

Livin' large, baby!


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