Monday, September 20, 2004

blah, blah, blah.

I suppose the novelty is wearing off all this flying. The security guy had a real attitude this morning, and probably could have used a good whuppin’. But when I considered the immediately obvious possible consequences of administering said whuppin’, I decided I didn’t love him enough to be tough with him. I’m sure if he acts like that when he goes out for a brewski, he’ll get taken care of.

But, it’s all good. Even the lady from the islands that’s yakking at full volume into her cellphone in some unrecognizable dialect. Soon she’ll have to turn it off, and there will, theoretically, be peace in this row.

It’s a funny time we live in when holding the door for a woman earns you not even a nod of acknowledgment, when doing so almost seems to cause offense. People are so uptight, so unfriendly sometimes. I yearn for the days when people respected your space and didn’t seem to hate you just because you are a blonde-haired-blue-eyed-white-male. Remember when, if someone was being an ass, he could be put in his place? No more. If you tell him off, he calls security (because he knows calling his mommy wouldn't help). How long will pussies, girly-men, and miserable women be able to play the system without retribution?

Alas. Being idealistic about it isn’t going to help. You have to give people lots of space these days, even if they fail to do so in return. There are enough assholes around, enough people who screw with you because, in their little worlds, it’s fun. I’ve been around long enough to see what happens to people like this. You wish you could warn them, “hey, your life and the lives of everyone around you would be sooooo much better if you would just learn the Golden Rule and put it to use once in a while. Even if you fail to do it, at least knowing you failed would make you less of an asshole.” But they wouldn’t listen anyway, most. Some people need to crash before they pull their heads out of the sand. Trouble is, on their way to and at the crash, they hurt a lot of people along the way.



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