Wednesday, September 22, 2004

keep your hand on your wallet

Well, it had to happen, didn't it? I suppose I was asking to have the money stolen out of my wallet at the gym. I put the cash in my pocket into this little wallet I carry and put that in the pocket of my big black bag, and put that into a locker, and locked it.

After my workout and shower, I found the lock in place on the locker, and the door shut but not latched. Odd, I thought, and then surmised that I must have failed to latch it properly when I locked it. I found my locker in that condition one time before, and figured it was the something funky with the locker; I didn't notice anything missing and never suspected anything wrong. I'll look at the lockers closely tomorrow: apparently there's a way to twist the whole mechanism so as to unlatch it.

It was only about $40, a relatively small price to pay for the knowledge that the lockers are not secure. After all, I've been carrying a laptop in that bag every day, as well. Guess the scumbag who stole my money couldn't get the computer out of the bag fast enough.

Yes, of course I checked everywhere else for the money, but I distinctly recall -- distinctly recall -- putting the cash into the zipper pocket and zipping it up. I also distinctly recall the sense that the guy -- or should I say the asshole -- next to me was watching. Allright, maybe it wasn't him...But, I had the definite sense that I was being watched as I handled the cash and put it away.

Certainly my stuff should be secure there. But I can also take the precaution of not handling money in front of people in the locker room. Not being a thief myself I suppose I have failed to think like one. I will say this: he was pretty smooth. Nothing else was disturbed. It was done in such a way as to increase the odds I'd be long gone before I discovered the theft. I think I'll email the gym to let them know. Maybe they'll comp me something.

There is no prize for naivete or carelessness. It would be nice to live in a world without thieves and the like but, alas, it is not so.


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