Tuesday, April 29, 2008

so many questions...

Look at Obama putting his embarassed face in his hands when asked about the deluded bleatings of Jeremiah "God D***m America" Wright. Can you just hear, "Oh, I'm so embarassed! Look at him! He's gone over the edge!"

Is the Obama campaign so clever and so ruthless that it might just be grateful to the "reverend" Wright for going as public as a human can and airing by interview for worldwide dissemination his warped conspiracy theories? Grateful, for example, that Obama can mumble and look like he's saying, "Oh, look at that poor wretch," while in the mind of the public he moves further and further away from his "spiritual mentor" until...

...when he says, "see, I never bought into that," the public will nod its collective head dumbly in agreement, and the Obama campaign will have pulled off another narrow but brilliant escape from reality?

Can they be that clever? Can they be that ruthless? Did the Obama campaign just stand by with its hands in its pockets while Reverend Wright publicly hung himself? (I was going to say "lynched himself" but there's no point in invoking racist imagery here).

Next question, did the Obama campaign encourage him to do so? Did it enable him to do so?


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