Sunday, July 22, 2007

all bubbles must burst

stock market bubbles. real-estate bubbles. perception-bubbles. emotional bubbles. they'll all burst eventually, and rightly so. reality always winds up coming back to the fore. bubbles are periods of temporary insanity, of passion unchecked. the sooner they burst, the better.

the thing is, the longer a bubble is allowed to persist, the greater the pain its inevitable bursting will cause. the more intense, the more enduring, the more widespread. it's better to keep a pin handy and pop your personal bubbles as soon as you see them floating by. the bigger ones, the social ones, you can only take shots at. and stand out of the way when they go.

i usually write a lot better than this, but I've just popped a few of my own bubbles, and I'm a little bit punch drunk. but I'll recover.
it should be noted that all passion is not unhealthy. passion in its proper place gives people the power to overcome, to endure. Romantic passion, for example, can be a time of great foundation building. but it will be tested when the bubble bursts. Passion is what drove the Savior to the Cross. I suppose passion is what drives us to our crosses.


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