Monday, April 09, 2007

having heard her speak

I have no reservations recommending the courageous Dawn Eden or her book, "The Thrill of the Chaste."

The last thing I wanted to hear about was chastity, when I headed for Theology on Tap tonight. However, Dawn manages to dignify it and even make it sound attractive. Why? Because it's the truth. And the truth is beautiful.

For example, chastity does not mean "sexlessness." No, chastity is way of conducting one's self with honor and propriety.

All I really wanted was to go out and shoot the breeze and have a couple of beers. I stayed in spite of myself, and wound up buying the book. You would too.

No, it didn't hurt that the Yankees were playing, and that it was televised. I mean, when a woman is talking about sex a guy needs something to stare at. It was perfect. But when they were ahead by 5 in something like the 3rd inning, well, yeah, they've been known to make it a roller coaster, but even still, the game sort of got boring. But Dawn's talk got interesting.

I can't believe that I can drink 5 beers and not even be drunk. You can bet I'll be hung over, though. That's my life. No buzz, all hangover.

Get the book! It's got a cool cover, and a cooler message.


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